Jumat, 05 Desember 2008

My Chemical Romance - Blood

Well They encourage your complete cooperation,
Send ya roses when they think ya need to smile
I can't control myself because I don't know how
And they love me for it honestly I'll be here for awhile
So give them blood, blood
Gallons of the stuff
Give them all that they can drink and it will never be enough
So give them blood, blood, blood
Grab a glass because there's going to be a flood
A celebrated man amongst the gurneys
They can fix me proper with a bit of luck

The doctors and the nurses they adore me so
But it's really quite alarming
Cause I'm such an awful f*ck
(Why thank you)
I gave you blood, blood
Gallons of the stuff
I gave you all that you could drink
And it has never been enough
I gave you blood, blood, blood
I'm the kind of human wreckage that you love

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